Hey guys,

After being in several projects, I started up a new band and very quickly we found guitarists and vocalist and began recording an ep.

The thing is, we are stuck between two drummers!

One guy is 22, (we are all early 20's for reference) can transport his own gear, and plays our genre to a high standard and lives in our town.

However, we have come across a 17 year old guy who is frankly amazingly talented. He's also super up for it, but obviously he still goes to school and it's going to be problematic with some venues if he's underage. He also lives a 40 minute drive away.

So before we decide, I'd like a second opinion from people who've been in this situation before!
The 22 year old sounds like a better bet due to distances and having his own transport. I'm in a band and I live 20 minutes away on the train. I manage to get to rehearsals and gigs fine but I have age on my side. My only concern would be that the 17 year old will lose interest fast as the 80 minute round trip to rehearsal becomes familiar. Whilst I'm only 20 minutes away, train times mean I have around an 2 hour round trip every Tuesday. If I didn't really like the band I'm in, I wouldn't make the trip. It's a waste of an evening.

That's assuming there'll be no issues with age gap/maturity. Not that people in their 20's are bastions of maturity. I just know teenagers are definitely more volatile.
Go with the guy in his 20s. The young un might be better but the guy in his 20s ticks more boxes and he can improve over the next year or so.

The kid who lives 40mins drive away will probably be still living 40mins away in a few years and will probably get sick of doing nearly an hour and a half round trip every week for practice
Definitely go with the guy in his 20s. Maturity and convenience means more than "super amazing talent".
go with the 22 year old.
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