Hi all.

I have an Albion TCT35 all valve amp ( lovely sound by the way for those who are unfamiliar )

unfortunatly it seems to have a little issue, it may be somthing simple i have been stupid enough to overlook!! i have come to needing the reverb switched on from the footswitch but it dosnt work!

it works as normal when the footswitch is not plugged in.

It dosnt work when i plug the f/s in however the channel switch does!

any help most appreciated

Not enough info. Does it have a separate jacks for the switches or one stereo jack that both switches share?
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It is one jack, the jack comes from the back of the amps " footswitch connector " socket going into a single footswitch pedal with a A/B selector and reverb switch.

Iv tried connecting when the amp is off, and on

and iv tried connecting with the reverb master switch on the amp on and off and no joy.

the LED doesnt light up