A Belgian artist is kinda doing a contest where you can just film yourself on the cam and you might get chosen to appear in his new musicvideo!
Note: i'm not advertising, i just think it's pretty cool and fun

He chooses the 100 most originals to appear in his video!

The instructions are in Dutch, so I'll translate what you have to do!
He also shows an example of how it should be in the video for each scenario.
To record press the bottom purple thing where it says 'neem je video op'

But if you don't get it here's the instruction
On the bottom of the page you see 4 types of scenarios.
Do the Message, Heavy Metal, Twist or the Original.

What do you have to do?
The Message:

-Take 2 white pieces of paper (a4)
-Write down your own original message on the palm of your hand.
-Write your name in caps on 1 of the papers

Press 'Record'
-Look into the camera in the first 4 seconds and smile!
-When you hear 'I'm not ready to love you like i do' hold the paper up where you didn't write on.
Put it down when you hear 'I do' and wait for seconds

-When you hear 'I'm Not Ready For You To Love Me Too' show your message on your hand.
When you hear 'Me Too' remove your hand, wait 4 seconds

When you hear ''Well I Think That You're Not Ready Too' wave to the camera, stop waving after the sentence and wait 4seconds

-On 'you're not ready too' cross your arms and touch the ends of the screen with your hands

When the music stops, hold the paper with your name up until the end.

Check your recording on 'preview' and if you're happy click Publish!

For the Heavy Metal
-Show the heavy metal sign with your hand , then act like a rockstar, be original.

For the Twist
-Make those 2 L signs like he does, then dance 'till you drop.

For the Original

-After the first piece of paper just do whatever you want! Be original

If there are any questions, just ask!

Have fun guys!!
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