What's your opinions on good and solid bands with not-so-good bandnames?

I currently have a band which I consider solid, but our name isn't really that good. It's mostly a temporary name, but we have a gig coming up soon. Will people think less of us if we have a lousy bandname, but kick ass anyway? I don't think so, but I wanted to hear opinions on this subject of good bands having bad names.
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My band is in the same place, we have a cool sound but only lame idea's for band names. I think it depends on HOW bad the band name is. I have seen a few good bands but the name was SOOO bad I don't even know how they got a gig.

I think Alter Bridge is also a stupid name, one of the best bands around though IMO

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I just based mine off my youtube name (From Absolution)
and my main bands name was named after teutonic crusaders (Teutonia)
it doesn't matter if your bands name is bad, if you've got the musical skills and the style, you could pull just about any name off.
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It's all just opinion - some of the names already mentioned I quite like, some I don't. Whatever name you have, someone with think it's crap, someone else will like it.

Look at it this way - there are so many 'good' band names that have already been used, sooner or later it's bound to reach a point where only 'bad' ones are left. At that point, the ones which were previously considered 'bad, but not too bad' all of a sudden become the good names.

The most important thing is to make sure your music is good. It helps to have a memorable name so people see you advertised and want to come back for more, but the music is definitely the main selling point of any band, not the name.
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