In what ballpark GarageBand's amp simulations are, comparing to products from Line 6 or Zoom?
i use garageband and i think that hardware like zoom or line 6 is better, but 4 14 dollars u get some good amp modeling, better than most of starter amps , so i think that if u wan't to spend money, u better get a tube amp.
I do own GarageBand myself and I'm not thinking about buying multi effect. I was just wondering to what class of such hardware is GarageBand's amp modeling comparable.
The modeling sounds bad to my ears. I'd honestly use one of the newer Spider IVs than use the amp modeling on GarageBand.
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Only thing I use Garage Band for is quick demos to remind myself of what I wrote, or perhaps a bit of reverb on top of a mic'ed amp. I can't speak to Zoom stuff but I actually think Pod's sound pretty good.