Hi all,

I was wondering if you could give me some tips/ info/ help?

I have set up a website for guitar lessons, and part of the lesson process aside from the usual chords etc. I will be teaching well known popular songs like The Beatles, Oasis, Adel, Coldplay etc etc depending on the pupils preference.

What I wanted to offer are lesson tab downloads, eBooks etc, and one thing I want to offer is to download the tab for popular songs they have learnt in my lessons. Similar to the tab here on Ultimate Guitar.

The difference is I type out all the tab for these songs my self so they coincide with the chords/ tab I am teaching in each lesson, each tab I write out has a watermark of my logo and are in PDF format too.

Ideally I want to make a little bit of cash to cover the cost of the website etc. So only selling the sheet music for nothing more than say 0.50p, which is non offensive.

But I am worried whether I would be in breach of copyright by selling tab music (for example) for Hey Jude by The Beatles.

I don't want to sell the tab for these popular songs until I know whether or not this is breach of copyright.


You'd need a license. UG almost got shut down a few years ago because it didn't have them.
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Thanks for the reply, I thought you might need a licence to cover this.

Do you know if I would need a licence if I wasn't selling the tab, i.e. having a link attached to each video lesson I have so people can download the tab for free to coincide with that lesson?