Hey, what's up! My name is Kyle. I am a aspiring musician hoping to someday become professional, and in order to do that I need to gain some gigging experience. I currently have almost no experience in on-stage performance, or in-studio recording, with a full band, and so I'm here looking to change that. I'm here looking for a gig that's probably not permanent or long-term, but we'll see how things work out.

I've been singing for over 10 years, I've been playing guitar for over 5 years, and I promise, I DO know my stuff! I play both 7-string and 6-string guitars, and I can play in just about all tunings.

I am pretty open-minded, musically. Even though my primary musical style is hard rock and metal, I'd be willing to try playing in just about any style except for classical and country. I'm probably not 'fancy' enough to do classical, and country just plain sucks! But I'll try performing just about anything else.

So if you're part of a musical project, that's located somewhere in Minnesota or maybe even Western Wisconsin, that needs a fill-in guy, on guitar, or vocals, or both, for recording sessions or performances, then I'm your man. Please hook me up! You can read my profile for more info on myself. Then if you have any additional questions for me, feel free to ask.

You can respond here or e-mail me at krswanny@yahoo.com. Thanks alot for reading!
Please, anyone at all! I just need SOME gigging experience. Someone please help me out here. Last bump.
Just posted this ad on craigslist. So I'll just bump this up here one last time for luck.