Hey, i've been trying to learn the acoustic parts to fade to black and the clean intro parts to call of Ktulu on the electric guitar. However, I am having extreme trouble in getting the picking and fingerings down, i've been playing guitar for years and this style of playing has always been a huge trouble for me. If anyone could recommend any advice or exercises to help with this kind of picking (not sure of what the technical term is) I would be extremely greatful. Thanks

P.s. I also use a pick to play these songs, as I have seen that James Hetfield does not use his fingers to pick when he plays these songs live but uses a pick
When I was learning Fade to Black, I firstly learned it to play it with fingers, exactly like it was written in tabs. Then I started trying to figure it out with a pick, to get it sound right.
As for Call of Ktulu, I dont think its a different technique. When I play it, I just dont hold the pick like always (thumb parallel with strings), I hold it a little bit more at the top. It feels more comfortable for me.
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Thanks man Do you recommend any exercises which help with that style of picking?
If you're having trouble with a passage that uses a technique you're not used to, the best exercise is that passage. Just slow it down and practice the bit you want to learn like it's any other exercise. that applies to every technique.