Hey guys!

I'm playing the Dio version of Holy Diver with my band, but I want to play the solo from the Killswitch Engage cover. Would I play the KSE solo as it is with the rhythm playing the original version (standard)? Would that be in key? Or would I have to move the solo up/down frets to be in key?

For example, here's a part of the solo:



If I played that, would I be in key? Or would I have to transpose it? If so, how?

My theory's terrible. So please help a guy out

Cheers forum!
I'm pretty sure both versions are in the same key. That said, if Killswitch tune to drop C (C G C F A D), you'll have to play their solos a step lower for it to sound right in standard tuning. You'd be moving everything two frets down. You can play the solo from the KSE version, and the notes will work, but you'll have to keep that in mind.
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I'm assuming you mean that the KSE cover is in Drop C while the original is in Standard E? If so, all you need to do is move the solo down a whole step (two frets) and you're set to go
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Both solos are in C, so you just need to move the KSE solo down 2 frets if you're tuned standard.

Download this, its basically a free guitar-pro deal. It reads both guitar pro and power tab files. Find a version of the song you want. Click on the guitar part that has the solo and change the tuning of the guitar track on the program. It will transpose the notes so it matches up with standard tuning. I am telling you do to the same thing Cookies is doing, but its just easier to visualize this way as it will be right there in front of you.