Hey so I've been using Fender Mustang Amp 1's USB connection to record straight into Garageband 08. I've set up the software it came with which is FUSE and what seems to be a trial of a program called Amplitube 2. I'll walk you through the steps and my problems, I feel that's the best way to describe this.

1. Plug the guitar into amp and the amp into the computer through USB. Open Garageband.

2. Turn the amp master volume completely down because otherwise it will still play regardless of being plugged in.
(I'm wondering if this is affecting my signal.)

3. Make new real instrument track and set input to Mono 2, monitor on. New track has no effects applied to it, only sound and effects are coming from amp.

4. My god this sound sucks I can't even hear it it's so far away! Turn up the track volume in GB all the way but still not that present. Compare with other recorded songs to see how loud the difference is.

5. Turn the track volume back down to default 0, and enable the Amplitube 2 plugin and Compressor checkbox (which just seems to make it louder).

6. Ok this sounds a little better, but it's still kind of weak. Still not as loud as other songs at the same volume.

7. Tweak the settings in Amplitube. Output volume, (virtual) amp volume, gain, etc. Sound is louder but sounds like it's muddy, clipping and falling apart now, especially if you go from a low note to a high one, it's so distorted that the sound won't even play at that part, sounds like it's breaking my sound card and the Matrix telephone is after me, and it's still not quite as loud as it should be.

8. Notice that even when it DOESNT sound like it's clipping, Garageband's master mixer meter is constantly red. Which will result in obvious clipping or obnoxious normalizing when the project is made into an mp3 or aiff from Garageband.

I'm thinking perhaps the master knob on the amp must not be at 0, but instead to mute it plug in another pair of headphones or something.

So, final questions are.....

I'm thinking of buying Logic (And MainStage 2) instead of using Garageband. I've read in the past that Garageband has basically become as good as Logic though, with some extra features. But does Logic allow you to go louder with the whole mix than Garageband does? I've used Ableton Live 8, which I found that I could go pretty loud and it wouldn't seem to care. Recording guitar into it was still a problem though. Anyway, does Logic help with this?

I have an amp that plugs directly into the computer through USB. "Low-latency, high quality" sound is what it promises. Do I still need a pre-amp like M-Audio instead?

If I'm doing something horribly wrong, please let me know.


OH, and do I need to set my amp to "clean" and then use the amp settings in Amplitube 2 or GB?

EDIT: Also there's a lot of feedback and static, and here's a vid of what I considerable a desirable sound to get from it, although there is some clipping
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Simply using a different DAW won't make your sound better.
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Well it's just I've noticed Ableton allowed me to export louder things, what Garageband finds peaking and what Ableton find peaking are very different it seems. So I was thinking that might be similar if I switch to Logic.

Even if I import a professional song into Garageband as a reference, it will stay in the red.
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Sounds fine to me, other than the clipping. The Mustang is not such a good recording amp to use if you want anything better than that. The clipping is you thinking you have to have the mix as loud as a professional master mixed track you hear on youtube or something. You don't need everything loud, just make the listener turn up their volume, so you can have the quality in your track.
^ This

Learn to master.
All I want is for everyone to go to hell...
...It's the last place I was seen before I lost myself

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You can be the deputy llamma of the recordings forum!
I finished an extremely rough draft of the song I was working on, and I'd like your feedback on how to make this better...I know it's bad but I can't pinpoint why, and I don't know how to fix it. I triple tracked the guitar (Left,Right,Center) and added bass, but it still doesn't work.

Any help here is greatly appreciated. I shall look into mastering.


And this is the sound I'm going for.

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