Hey all,

Thanks for the replies on the other thread, when I was playing around I came up with an A Minor lick that didn't fit that song, so figured I was gonna just write a new song (happens waaaaaaaay too often), so the intro lick(s) are in A Minor, based on an A Minor scale - and the main verse riff that I have down so far is a powerchord prog (A, C, D) - for this, I'm assuming I'd just use A Minor to solo in? I ask because I'm not sure how soloing works in relation to powerchords, I know if it were open chords it'd be A Minor.

Thanks again guys!
It'll still be Am. If you get confused - just break down the power chords and see what they're implying.


A C D E G, so you've got most of A minor here you're just missing B (2) and F (6).