I have been in the market for a quite some time. It's not that I am picky or anything, just pacing back and forth contemplating something that I have never messed around with before or very much cared about. By this, I mean a guitar with a Floyd Rose. It all originated with me wanting something fast. Something modern, but with some vintage appeal. Something that I could basically just go apes**t crazy with and have fun. I also wanted a guitar like this so I could learn the headaches behind it. I suppose it would be a damn shame to say that I have been playing electric guitars for ten years and couldn't tell you how to even begin restringing a FR

Anyways, I would like to introduce you to my first FR-equipped guitar:

Kramer SM-1 (Stagemaster)

Where do I begin? First of all, this isn't an original USA Stagemaster from the 80s (I wish), but rather a reissue. Yes, they are made in Korea. No, I could care less. The guitar is still absolutely beautiful.

There are two models that Kramer came out with: a black version outfitted with EMGs and an off-white version (mine) loaded with Duncans. I am not sure what EMGs are in the black version, but mine has the Alternative 8 in the bridge with the Cool Rails in the middle and neck positions.

The body consists of a neck-thru construction with the wings and neck both Mahogany with an Ebony fingerboard. The neck is 25.5" scale with 24 frets and a 14" radius SlimTaper profile, which is something that struck my eyes because of my huge hands. I remember having a Gibson Nighthawk with the same neck profile and I was in love with it.

The sound on this is very versatile. The Alternative 8 can be coil-tapped with the volume pot and there is a mini-toggle that you can use to play the neck/bridge positions together which I like a lot. The volume pot also has a no-bleed mod done to it that prevents treble loss when rolling back the volume. The guitar is a tone monster really, I cannot think of any application that it wouldn't at least suffice in.

The bridge is an OFR because for my first Floyd I wouldn't have it any other way. I have heard people say that it is the "Korean OFR", but as far as my visual inspection goes, it's original. The guitar was setup very well out of the box with the exception of a little buzz coming from the B string.

The guitar is aesthetically a real work of art. As far as reissues are concerned, Gibson did a wonderful job recreating a timeless classic. Everything down to the inlays just keeps me wanting to stare at her instead of play her.

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The proper reissue kramers seem amazing, pity all you can get in the UK at the minute are the cheap ones. Id love a Pacer Vintage in tiger stripes lol
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Nice guitar, and HNGD!
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How is the neck compared to older Kramers?

I honestly couldn't tell you. I heard the original Kramers had a thinner neck, but I haven't had the priviledge to get my hands on one. I know a lot of people don't like the SlimTaper neck due to it being huge, but it fits my hand just right. Very comfortable. Is it a bit too much for a "metal" guitar? Perhaps. To each his own I suppose.
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Yes I was rude, and I was aggressive and I was offending a large group of people. But I was civlized about it.

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First, HNGD!

Second, i've been playing since the 1990s, got my first electric in 2003, and just last year got my first guitar with a whammy bar. Everything else has been a hardtail. So there is no shame in not knowing how to mess with one.
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Wow! beautiful Kramer dude! Happy New Guitar Day!!

You picked a bad ass guitar for your first FR equipped one. The White Seymour Duncan version is pure sex Very jealous right now . I am not a fan of neck thru guitars (I prefer bolt on) but I would definitely love to own one of these bad boys.

Yeah, I wasn't fancying the whole neck-thru thing myself, but playing it in comparison to my Strat's bolt-on neck, this thing sustains for days.
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Yes I was rude, and I was aggressive and I was offending a large group of people. But I was civlized about it.

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dose inlays!

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God Kramers make my pants tighter.
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Looks pretty and have fun with the trem
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Oh hot damnm that's the first of the neck-through models I've seen in the wild. Very nice.

I've got to get myself a few more Kramers. I've got the reissue Richie Sambora model from a ocuple of years ago and even in a battered and trashed state it's amazing. I've yet to hear anyone have any complaints with these new models too.

Also, be interested to hear more of how the bridge pickup sounds. I love the Alt 8, but I've never heard it split, nor in a neck-through guitar with a Floyd.
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very very nice. HNGD.
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