There's an AD on my local Kijiji page for a Hondo Guitar.
2 single coils and 3 way switch.

$100, I can't find any information on the internet but the seller says it is in good condition. Is it worth looking at? Or even $100 for that matter?
Probably sold for $100 new. Save your money.
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Quote by KenG
Probably sold for $100 new. Save your money.

Agreed. These were very cheap guitars when they were originally sold, and probably not more than the $100 the guy is asking. Look elsewhere for a better deal.
I actually owned a Hondo acoustic a number of years ago. It was $150 slightly used. Biggest piece of trash I have ever seen! The neck joint eventually split and it was un playable. I burned it to cinders. Stay away from Hondo products.
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Thanks for all the info folks, my friend's got a Hondo and says he loves it, but it's a LP style, I thin I'll stay away from this one.
Save your money broseph.
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Hondo did make some acceptable guitars. some of their higher end models weren't bad. that guitar ain't one of them though. the cheaper stuff was often plywood with less than stellar electronics. they did make the Paul Dean (Loverboy) sig guitar (goes to show you how important he was )