I've recently just made a post about which one to buy(Epiphone or Ibanez), and I guess I was convinced that LP 100's more of a practice guitar. Now, I can't choose between a SG G400 and LP Custom(that has been restored. It now has open humbuckers). I like both guitars. I was wondering if someone can help me compare those two and say some of the advantages and disadvantages for each guitar.
Well, the SG is a lot lighter. I don't know what you prefer.
The SG also is cheaper.
The SG probably is neck heavy (don't know sure about the Epiphones, but my Gibson is a bit neck heavy).
The Les Paul will be a tad more versatile (depending on your amp as well, of course).

In the end, you should pick the guitar that feels best to you. They are different, but it's not that they are enormously different.

And if you really don't know and like both equally, get the cheapest one, I guess.
Definitely the LP. I used to own a G400, and I have nothing but bad things to say about it. Others I have played for comparison were also pretty bad.
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it's a matter of preference really and as a few others have already said the most substancial difference between them is the feel.

les pauls will feel a bit more solid with better weight distribution, but also a lot more bulky and heavy. access to the upper frets is not too difficult, but there are a lot of guitars that allow you to get up there a lot more easily.

SGs are lighter and more streamlined with much, much better access to the higher frets, but they feel a bit fragile and have terrible weight distribtion. you need a leather strap with a good grip to stop yourself from having to hold up the weight of the neck as you play it, and even with one of those you can stil feel the center of gravity is in the headstock and it's quite weird.

basically neither are perfect and it's up to you whether the good points of either guitar make it worthwhile over the bad points. Try them both and see which you like - that's the only way you can make an informed decision as to which one would suit you best, because nobody else can tell you, nobody else knows
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I was also choosing between these two guitars. I liked both but that day when I was in the shop there were only a black beauty with a very ugly fretboard, even though it felt so right in my hands, in the end I took a G-400 custom home.

I can tell you the weight distribution of the g-400 is terrible (not sure if the regular g-400 is better), when I play it I can feel the weight dragging, but I actually like this feeling. You should try both.

Sorry for hijacking the thread. I got a question. Are epiphone les pual are all non-chambered or weight-relieved? I know probably it wouldnt affect a lower-end guitar much, but I just dont like the concept . Im looking to get a epiphone les paul custom in the near future, but I want to have a full weight one.