Let me know what you guys think of our stuff. Just had a reunion gig where we opened for The Toasters and it went pretty well. I've been recording a bunch of new stuff this week, so I was hoping for some opinions.

Alot of these songs I had to record all by myself. Most of the band is kinda spread out around NYS now that we all graduated. I'm the singer/rhythm guitarist, but I also play drums and bass to an extent, though I'm not as good as the actual members of the band, haha! The two new songs "Doubting the Answer" and "Giving In On Giving Up" were both done solely by me. Most of the songs are recorded on Audacity with a single PG58 mic plugged in via a 1/4 to microphone adaptor. That's all I can afford, haha!

Let me know what you guys think. It's be nice to have some outside opinions.

My Random Gear:

-Epiphone Dot
-Epiphone `57 Les Paul Jr. Reissue
-Epiphone AJ-200 Acoustic
-Fender Hot Rod Deluxe
-DS-1 Distortion