I need help finding a new distortion pedal. im currently in a thrash band and looking for like a Rust in Peace or Master of Puppets sound.
I think I remember reading that the Hardwire Metal Distortion has good thrash tones.
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I used to have the TL2 and thought it was pretty good. Need to spend some time getting the right EQ on it though, very sensitive.
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I have the TL-2 and it's a great pedal, but I wish I would have saved the money from it and a few other stupid investments and bought a decent amp instead. If I hadn't bought it, my MG, and New Pickups for my guitar, I would have had about $700 to spend on a decent amp that would have been a much better buy.

Just curious, what amp are you using?
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i like my metal muff
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I got some pretty thrashy tones out of my old Boss HM-2.

The HM-2 is badass.

but still, TS, REPLY.