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If you don’t know who we are, we play Acoustic Pop/Experimental music (think more Alternative/Pop/Experimental stripped down to acoustic instruments). All created through the net from two separate countries. We love what we write and are very proud of our music. Give it a listen. You’ll really like it.

I know I can always count on the UG community for quality feedback/criticism.

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Critique for critique as I always have done.
Thank you very much for your time.
It means a lot to us. :]
"Bad": when I heard the intro guitar riff, I thought it sounded a bit odd, though it works fine for me when the vocals start. The vocals sound great (singing & vocal melodies)! The lead guitar is good (though it could have been tighter in spots). I like the lyrics, though I was waiting for Michael Jackson to start singing 'Exclusion': I like the guitar melodies better in this one (playing is tighter overall also). Once again, the vocals sound very good (though she popped the mic once, perhaps a pop-guard would help). Nice harmonies! Both songs are good! Please review my music at this link:

I found the guitar in BAD to be odd at first, but when the vocals came in in all there glory, things really fit together well.
I'd have to say my personal favourite was CLOSER. I think you had some piano mixed in with the guitar. Everything fit together well, and i really dug listening to it.
I have to admit this music really isnt the style of music I normally listen to, but I did enjoy listening to it, have a few friends in mind who might really appreciate this!! Definitely going to show them!!!

Please give me some critique on my EPish type thing!

Bad: The intro sounds raw but when the vocals come in it lights up. i usually don't like female singers (don't know why ) but her voice is really, really good. like she is singing right into my ear. are you using acoustic bass? it's a sweet bass line. some percussion would fit really well. the solo part fits very well.
Exclusion : i like the intro and how everything builds up. 3:23 is my favorite part
Ghost's intro sounds so serious.. like somethings about to happen..that's a good thing. after the 4. minute it gets really dramatic..i like the atmosphere which is created with the guitars. Closer: most chilling song yet. i like how you added the piano.the chorus is really beautiful and heartfelt
i enjoy the two rhythms that the guitars play in What Lies Beneath and how they work. great chord progression. I love how she sings this..it sound really like she means it. "tell me you love me..". best lead here, like you phrasing. I liked the vocals the most in A New Day after the 45. second. and again some piano in the background. Enjoying this tune the most!

Thank you, for your time and checking out my music greetings from Slovenia.
Maria does use a pop-filter, but sometimes it just doesn't do the job as well as it should. Thank you for the comments. "Bad" was actually just a small idea at first which I did not put very much thought into when recording a demo of it. I sent it over to here and she really liked the way it sounded, so we made it into a song. I've tried to make it sound more solid, but for some reason, it never sounds better than this recording of it. How odd. We do try our best though. I'm glad you liked it.

Thank you very much. In our next EP, we're going to have a lot more key-work being thrown in. We feel it would fit our style even better that way. And thank you for helping to spread word of our music. It means a great deal to both of us. We really just want as many people to hear our music as humanly possible. That's the real goal we have. I believe it's a very special one at that.

Most people that say they aren't very fond of female vocals always end up liking the way Maria sounds while singing. I'm glad she and I started working together. She's got a unique voice that is in no way replaceable (not that I would ever want to replace it in the first place). It just feels right when we create music.

And I actually no not have any sort of bass. I do play bass in general, but I do not own or have one with me. The bassline you hear in "Bad" is actually me playing bass on my acoustic guitar. Haha. I thought i'd try something original, that I know most people don't do, and it seemed to fit very well with the main guitar lines. It's my favorite instrumental part about "Bad".

Thank you very much for taking the time to listen to what we are.
It means a whole lot.
Wow, I really liked it dude! The vocals are awesome in "Bad", has a pretty catchy melody!

Exclusion was my favourite, really liked the lyrics and melody. Beautiful song!

Ghost was pretty good too! I liked the guitar in this one, nice chronic vibe.

The songs were all really good. I really like your style and your vocalist!!! Will purchase!
Thank you very much!
It always makes our day to know that people enjoy the music we write.

Just in case anybody is curious, any and all support is going straight into better recording equipment for our next EP.
Nice dude, Maria has an amazing voice! Solid songs, though I found your recordings are definitely lacking in the bass department. It would be nice to hear this stuff with some strings in the background, and maybe some light percussion, like shakers or something. But I understand a lot of that stuff isn't easy to do on your own. And writing/recording is difficult enough on opposite sides of the globe, I struggle getting it done when my brother lives 2000km away but we're at least in the same time zone. So I've got massive respect for what you've created.

My only real criticism of your music is that it doesn't seem to build. I can skip through different sections of a song and it's all chilling at the same level. A little light and shade can go a long way!

Anyway mate, keep doing what your doing, great work! And thanks heaps for checking out my stuff
Vocals are impeccable, as is the quality, for 'Bad' (I assume the quality would be great for the others as well), and the way that the song finishes seems really well worked out, as everyhting falls out gradually.

The second song, Exclusion, is more my cup of tea, though, admittedly, two very complimentary guitar parts, with very pleasant vocal harmonies during the chorus, and a use of chords that sound slightly unusual, which is always good. I love the changes in strumming pattern, striking a bit of life into the song without using drums, which is pretty hard to do. I might've left out the guitar during the final chorus, just to bring more attention to the vocals, and then brought everything back for a second chorus to finish, but that's just me, haha, it still sounds really great.

I'll probably come back and review the rest, but I'm really busy at the moment, haha, well worth a like of your page though, really a fantastic sound

Edit: Wow, I didn't realise you're an e-band, that's really opened my eyes, and it's a real shame that you can't play shows together and the like.
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I really dig it all, but especially What Lies Beneath, I very much enjoyed the guitar work.
Where has the time gone?
Thanks for reviewing my song! Really appreciate it.

Listening to the ep now. I'm a few songs in and I must say the singing sits well with me. I think it's fantastic. The acoustic tones you have are really great, too. I usually don't listen to music like this, but I've enjoyed what I've heard.

I will say that a lot of it sounds sort of... "bare," I guess. There's nothing inherently wrong with that, a stripped down approach can work, but maybe some additional instruments (light bass or strings, maybe percussion) in places, without being overwhelming, could add a lot to the music. The songs themselves are well written and very well performed, though.

Keep it up! Hope to here more in the future.
"On this life that we call home
The years go fast
and the days go so slow...

the days go so slow
Thanks. I'm glad you like it. I know we could use more instruments and all, but is the first AO EP release. I've actually just now started writing for the second EP. This one will bring out our more Experimental side this time around. And extremely long distance does get troublesome, but we make the most of what we can. It's all with the best intentions.

I do wish we could meet and play live shows. It'd be really fun. I've even arranged a few of the songs from this EP release to fit on just one guitar, so I can actually play it live, but I honestly doubt that will ever happen. It's not bad to hope though. Thank you for the compliments.

Thank you. I worked real hard on the arrangement and everything for the instruments.

Yeah, that 'bare' feel is what I was trying hard to get with these songs. I want the most natural and most 'real' sound I can possibly get. I like hearing people play music in front of me, so I tried my best capturing that type of feel. Thank you.
Was half expecting an MJ cover, but what I heard instead was something great. The guitar part is really good, and the vocals work really well with it. Its a great song, I'm gonna try and keep check on your stuff
Well produced, although there is a steady noise in every song behind, but still nice work, because I know, it's hard to do fully professional recording at home.

Nonetheless I really like your songs, my favorite is Exclusion and the second one is Bad. I like vocalist's voice, the way she sings and your playing. Keep it up and maybe someday, you'll record some normal album or a couple of songs, by that I mean some rock stuff with electric guitars, drums, etc., have you thought about it?
Amazing voice, Amazing guitar playing, Great song writing. Gonna sign up and follow on the soundcloud.
Loved the concept and idea of your band, the meaning of the "Across Oceans", and if youre really never met guys, that's cool. The singers voice is amazing. Although, it is not expected in such genre, but wished there some dynamics, drive. The track "Ghost" really needs something more then acoustic, orchestral element maybe, piano, some easy and smooth, especially in places where it is just guitar. Overall gr8 work
I love acoustic stuff so this is definitely easy-listening for me.
I enjoy the raw sound you've achieved, and the guitar solo at 2:44 of Bad has a lovely ring to it. Nothing sounds overproduced: I think you've done well in achieving a crisp acoustic sound.
In terms of improvement, maybe some background chords to give it a bit of breadth? Otherwise maybe a bit of bass to fill the spectrum? Although I'm being picky to say that.
Mixing and recording is good.
I haven't got much knowledge in terms of vocal technique but I really like the singing; beautiful voice - especially on 'Exclusion'.
Keep it up man, got some good tunes going!
wow man......I listened to the song pacific, the guitar is really well done, the female vocalist has a great voice. I enjoyed it very much!!!!!!! Great recording quality great EVERYTHING. Good job dude!
Only had time to listen to bad. Very intrestng song. Very mellow. I know its acoustic but I really feel like during the 1:30 part bongos or congas should come in. i feel like that would add to the song a lot. Great work though!
I've heard some of these before I think but I really like your style. The vocals are really good and completely fit the music. I also really like the tone of your acoustic. Nothing really to crit.. I guess i can just say great job on these and keep making music!
Listening as I crit


Loving the vocals / lyrics The tone of her voice is very innocent and calming. I detect elements of country? possibly? very easy listening I like it.

The chuga chuga on the strings is sweet. When the solo guitar comes in it really completes the song. Add a small drum beat so I can hear the rhythm of the song other then the chugga chugga other then that its pretty solid.


Loving those high whispers OOooo dual vocals yeah this is pretty mesmerizing. I notice that there's no drums on this one too. This is the type of song you listen and stare into the abyss. But I wish drums where included to wake me up a bit. Otherwise I'm falling asleep which isn't necessarly a bad thing. This is the type of song that will play me off to sleep

I notice the full album consists of an acoustic guitar and vocals. You should add more instruments to mix it up a bit give variation to each song. It seems like this is the stripped version of it. You might want to look into producing an amp'ed up version of the album just my 2 cents.

Crit 4 Crit Please check out my song and tell me what u think

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this isn't exactly my style, but I do like it, the playing blends well with the vocals in a good balance, there is no overpowering of one or the other, even the solo isn't too strong for the mix, I don't know if this is what you were going for but with the whole ocean scene you got going on there, this makes me thing of perhaps a modern day siren song. all in all good work
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I just listened to "bad". It was pretty cool how the single guitar started with the wierd melody, and continues when the rest comes in, and then it sound completely diffrent Well done! It sounds very full with just 2 gtrs.
Hey thanks for the comment dude. I had a listen through your tracks, you guys have some sweet stuff.

I really liked Closer, the piano bits work really well with the guitars. The singer has a really soothing voice too and has some cool melodies and lyrics. The guitar lines are very cool especially in Exclusion, I love the transition at the start just as the singing comes in. I liked this one the best out of all the tracks, it is a really complete and interesting song that flows very well.

The guitar line in Ghost is also very cool, I could hear some really interesting drum beats in my head while listning to that one.

The only thing I noticed is some timming issues in some of the older songs, mainly in Bad. I found that it kept me from enjoying that song. I would kept a keen eye on that when recording as it's very important for the average listner.

Overall you guys are writing some cool stuff
Cheers for the love on my EP dude :P

Onto yours...

The first track is very nice, reminds me of circa 2004 Incubus.

Second track reminds me of acoustic Paramore. Gorgeous vocals.

Closer made me think of Goodbye Blue Sky by Pink Floyd, all airy and floaty.

I really like how stripped back the tracks are. Whenever I attempt tracks in that style I am always disappointed, then add layer after layer. Then erase it all and start again.

Would love to hear more, maybe add some light and simple drums in, like this amazing album: http://cloudkicker.bandcamp.com/album/let-yourself-be-huge
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Typing as I listen:
Ghost - I like how the guitar suddenly turns mysterious and a tad creepy. Matches the title nicely. Didn't expect that female voice but I guess it suits the vibe pretty well, nice harmonies and vocal melodies too! I like what the second guitar adds to the song. That whispering in the back of the main vox is awesome, reminds of Riders On the Storm from the Doors. Nice little guitar interlude here, I think the leads here should stand out waay more...maybe increase the volume and add some reverb. Sounds great all in all!

Exclusion - Interesting how the intro changes into the vocal part, sounds good to me! I like the rhythm and punch of the panned guitars. The male and female voice complement each other real well, although I'd raise the male voice voice a little bit. Nice part at 2:58, and also that part with the stops.

Vacillate - This song is the best sounding you can really tell it was mastered compared to the other tracks. I really enjoyed this one, very soothing quality to it - one thing though was the guitar solo; I found it was too...out of place? I didn't think the style of it (kind of fast shredding licks) suited the mood and kind of brought me down, but I did like the solo itself just not in this context. Maybe a less gainy tone and a slower more sustainy solo would have suited it better IMO but hey, its your song in the end!

Anywho, the bottom line is you guys are pretty great! Nice song structures, vocal rhythm/melodie/harmonies, and guitar ideas. I htink you guys should consider adding some percussion to some parts of some songs to spice thigns up a bit!

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1519446
You have a way with melodies they're all pretty peaceful and tranquil. I really dig the songs bad and closer. The harmonies in closer are amazing by the way!
pretty cool stuff. i thought the vocals could use a tad more reverb, but only a little. they seem a little more "in your face" thanthe guitars, which sounded good.

ghost was my favorite track, by far. dont know why, but it seemed like more of a complete song than the rest.

good job!
Voice reminds me of Zoey Deschanel. Not sure how accurate that is, I don't listen to her much but I was watching "Yes, Man" last night. So yeah I got that impression. Good stuff. GREAT voice. Guitar work is interesting. Sets a unique mood, kinda has that "under the sea" feel. Real chill, I like it. Melodies are great, catchy and even kinda poppy. Nice harmonies as well.

I'd have to say excellent work man. This is a professional sounding project. Dunno how ya'll found each other but definitely keep it going. The voice complements the playing real well. I don't wanna pull a crit outta my ass, can't complain about anything really as long as you're happy with it I think you seem up to the snuff to go in your own direction. Personally, I like my music a little more rockin' and groovin' and at times some of your songs kinda blended together in my mind. But if that's the direction ya'll are taking more power to ya. Maybe get a drummer, even if it's just some chill beats to keep the groove going. But ya really sounds great.



Thanks man. Good work.
those songs are great, you guys have something really good going on and the name across oceans evokes some interesting imagery, bad and exclusion were my favorites of the ones i've listened...

exclusion particularly grabbed me form the opening notes.
Thanks for commenting on my thread!

As for <i>your</i> music, awesome job. The recordings are nice and I like the art on your bandcamp page. Keep on at it my friend, you've got talent
I like most of the stuff on that EP. The guitars sound great, and the vocals suit it perfectly, sometimes the vocalist reminds me a bit of the dude from Mineral, which is awkward, because the dude from Mineral is just that. A dude. He is a little feminine sounding though.

The melodies are great in each song, same with the harmonies, like someone said above, at times it needs a little "drive", just a little bit of power or something, but it is fine just as it is.

Very easy listening.
Hey, thanks for listening to my song!

This must have been an interesting project to do, working over the net. I listened to Closer and Bad a couple of times (I'll try to get to the rest as well when I have some more time).

So it may just be coincidence since I've only listened to two, but the songs seem pretty similar lyrically. Personal preference is I don't care much for albums or records with a lot of songs about relationships; that being said, the lyrics and the vocals come across feeling very genuine.

The singing was great and the guitar work was well executed, the solo in Bad was very well done, I haven't played acoustic much lately but I remember it being harder.

The only real flaw I found was just the way the sound was captured, probably the biggest challenge of the project (keeping in mind I'm using my laptop to listen). I'm not sure exactly how to describe it, but it seems like it should have either been just guitar and vocals produced to sound like it's in a smallish room recorded together (even though I guess that would be sort of impossible), or, the way it sounded to me, like everything was recorded separately but to make more use of background instruments and percussion of some sort. In Closer for example I was really expecting to hear strings for some reason at some point.

Good job, and although I'm not sure about the way it was produced the actual sound quality was awesome! I will actually try to listen to the rest later, gotta crit-back someone else and practice before it gets too late.
Alright, listened to the rest (I think) and I liked these two songs more than the first I heard.

I thought Exclusion was great, the guitars, vocals and lyrics all worked well together; however, it wasn't just a little popping on the lead vocals it was all throughout the song. The guitars also didn't seem mixed well.

Vacillate was the best one quality-wise, it sounded much better than all the others, this is the sound I think you should have gone with for the whole thing. The only turn-off for this one was that electric guitar solo. It was good but just seemed completely out of place and there were a couple mistakes.

It was all very good and I think the biggest issue was inconsistency in the production of each song. I hope to hear your future work, keep up the good work!
I enjoyed it, the vocalist is very good. I thought the songs were good, but were to timid throughout the whole song, it just sounded like a lot of build up to be honest. But it still sounds good. Some more drums would help with this, some misc. drums too (shakers etc..). I wasn't digging the guitar tone a whole lot, but I think this is more personal preferance, it sounded a little dull and seemed to have to much reverb.

Overall I thought the songs were fresh and a lot of people would dig it, not my cup of tea but I still enjoyed it.