Haha it's like the band Native, and La Dispute's record Wildlife combined into one band name :P

Really like the album cover. The bandcamp is really nicely designed.

Your vocalist stood out from me. I kind of like how his voice sits in the mix. Interesting chords you play. The cleaner, chimey guitar tones are really really nice.

The vocalist actually reminds me of the vocalist from Fear Before tonally, but the delivery and lyrics remind me of Defeater

The songs are well written. I can imagine this is a lot of fun to watch/play live. Lots of interesting riffs. Really like A Monster, A Tempest.

Edit: Sometimes is actually my favorite song. Really sweet intro.
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Thanks a ton dude! I appreciate the comments. Hopefully we'll end up in Arizona one of these days!


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After the clean intro I totally never expected the screaming! Quite a surprise. Like the chord changes, quite dramatic. The music is cool and heavy. Melodic too. Reminds me of bands like Lost Prophets, mixed with a bit of Dillinger at times.

Tons of energy. I can see your band putting on great shows.