Squier J Mascis Jazzmaster

It's the first Squier Jazzmaster with the full set of controls and vibrato setup. The neck and scale length are just like Mexican and US made Jazzmasters, and it plays really well. The string tension from the added length is perfect and very comfortable for bending with a set of 10s. The body's made out of basswood, giving it a nice weight and feel while playing standing up. The gold aluminum pickguard is super cool too. The vibrato arm can cause it to get out of tune when used frequently. Compared to my Classic Vibe 50s Stratocaster, it has a wider ranger of sound, less mids and more treble and bass with the both the pups. The Jazzmaster sounds especially good through a Big Muff and other fuzz pedals. The Rhythm circuit by itself isn't too usable for what I play, but it can be used a killswitch or a way to quickly turn down the guitar's volume to clean up a fuzz or overdrive.
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What kind of amp(s) are you running it through?

Vox AC15C1
Saw him play at pitchfork a few years back... don't remember him playing that guitar... (J/K, he was rocking one of his Jazzmasters. Just playin' with you).

Beautiful guitar, best way to get a full featured Jazz Master at a budget price. It'll give you many years of loyal use and tone. Congrats.
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