I like it, your voice reminds me of early Gaslight Anthem stuff, the reverb also. A few point of the song your ovice went a little bit out of tune ("glad its over..."). But the guitar playing sounds good, maybe the rhythm leaves a bit of open space, but the song itself is well constructed. As a very critical lead guitar player I'd say the solo could use some work. You have a good voice, so use that mentality - make your guitar sing! That may all sound very critical but I genuinely enjoyed the tune, good expression and a good song.

Thanks for the crit by the way!
Really nice voice, you have a natural just soothing sounding vibe. The cover was really well done, keep it up man!
thanks guys!. and i know, haha. I am in NO way a lead guitarist and in fact have only ever played rythme live/ in a band so yeah. thank you though
That's great, I really like your voice; it's really hypnotizing and the guitar helps with that effect a lot! =)

c4c? youtube.com/shenkeey
yeah its just he way i equalized it i think, and i shall for i love dream theater