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I'd be hideous, my nose is far to big to be considered attractive and my face is too angular, there are some dudes who could be attractive women though.

This isn't about homosexuality or trannies or anything, just a purely hypothetical discussion, you can imagine you're a lesbian if that helps...

So pit, would you be hot as a chick?
Definitely not.

Unless they're looking for butchy chicks.

Actually, even then, no.

I'd be one of those borderline chicks that once I put enough effort into it, I'd be smexy.
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I've been told that I'd make a pretty girl before IRL, as well as been mistaken for a girl. Several times.

I'm never really sure how to feel about it.
I'd be a goddamn tramp. All the dicks.
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Umm. . .uh. . .your mom touched sjones' dick. YOUR MOM TOUCHED OUR GUITARISTS GENITALS IN A CAMPER AT A BIKER FESTIVAL! truth.
Yea, I have a lot of girly features
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Maybe if I went to India or something.

cuz my eyebrows
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I'm a hunk. You can't make a girl outta me.

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No, because I'd have a penis.
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I already am. :3

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I already am.


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I'd be one of those borderline chicks that once I put enough effort into it, I'd be smexy.

Gonna say this. I'm relatively well-proportioned. I'd probably have small-ish tits though.
If I still had longer hair, maybe.

I cant tell you how many looks I got while driving....
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Anyway, I want tot see things besides the ceiling of the bedroom (or the headboard) or the kitchen.

Or, you know... testicles lol.
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I'll logic you right in the thyroid.

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I think so.

But this guy would be a goddamn supermodel

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It is actually a pretty tough call. My exact same face but on a womans body? Hell no, I've got some pretty masculine features. I do have a lot of features that would make a woman hella attractive though. Like if you took my genes and decided I was a woman rather than a man or something I guess (so jawline and shit is different). I think id be pretty attractive, its just the cleft and some of my physical things like height and build which probably wouldn't make for an ideal female. Id be attractive, just less than as a man I suppose is my conclusion.
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I'm tall dark and hairy. So no.

But I do have very feminine eyelashes, according to everyone I've ever met.

This minus the hair. (even the eyelash thing)
Also I have a wicked nice ass. Paper bagger fer sure if I was a chick though.
Oh yeah

except my nose is a bit big compared to mot other asians, and a bit crooked, but other than that . . . I'm fairly confident I would turn heads as smexy lesbo

if that's anything to be proud of I mean
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