Weekend Nachos is a band from Dekalb, IL formed in 2004. The original lineup was John Hoffman, Adam Inverted, Ron and Andyzarian. Currently, the only remaining original members are John, the vocalist, and Andy on guitar. They are comprised now of Juan Ciudado, Byron Leuders on drums, Andy, and Drew Brown on bass. Thus far they have released the Torture EP (on John’s label Tooth Decay Records), a split with Chronic Bleeding Syndrome entitled It’s A Wonderful Life (on Force Fed Records), Punish and Destroy (an LP on Cowabunga Records), and Unforgivable (an LP on Deep Six Records). They also appeared on Relapse Records’ This Comp Kills Fascists, Vol. 1.


Worthless was without a doubt my favorite hardcore release of last year.
Great band, already a thread.. worth bumping anyways so hopefully people click the links.
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Check out this awesome interview hbnbm.com/music/music-interviews/chatting-john-hoffman-weekend-nachos/