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2 29%
4 57%
1 14%
3 43%
1 14%
3 43%
Voters: 7.
4daysmultivote. might do 'tie-breakers', 'top three go through' or something (depending on the results)

#1 synth's piece (words were "lesbian", "backseat" and "hotter than mexico")

hotter than

hotter than,

Mexico in a dubsteb club,
scrubs tonsils with her lizard tongue,
thinks of open deserts closing in,
rubs her tits into the gums
of the highest bidder

and wades to clearer rivers,

another shot of gin,
thinks of open deserts closing in,
and a full moon
penetrating darkness,
and a cayote running
cleaving dead air
with a fragile body,

in the backseat el muchacho drives south
again with more thrust,
horses tethered to a
young Skirt drawn and quartered
slips a peso in between another girl’s cheeks
hotter than,
Mexico with a pay-per-lick lesbian lizard tongue
awkwardly squirming like an earthworm in her stomach,

a transistor radio in the dashboard
screams without language,
rhyme or syntax,
waits for the sun to consume its children
and wades to clearer rivers

jiminizzle's piece (words were "cold cheeks", "out of gas" and "i (don't) want eleven kids")

The Rocky Mountain Book of the Dead

The plows run back and forth until the town runs out of gas
and then the children sled to school down the street
until the ice shows through like water at the bottom of sand,
and he feels like he'll never miss the ocean again

And so she does for him. She washes stories of the gulf from her father upon him
as they walk sleeplessly through their childhoods, day and night after another,
tracking themselves in their purest states, Colorado, or maybe Salt Lake,
through snow guised new with each day
and socks that never dry, hands cupped against cold cheeks for escaping warmth
muffling their words until they barely sound.

In the pre dawn hours they embed themselves
in the bulk of drifts that reinvent backyards
crowded by every sort of fencing and do-it-yourself landscaping
held bare and meager by the season.

They talk to each other but the words die in the patterned distances between them,
their bodies signalling only in clouds of vaporous breath
that catches the morning lights flashing on. They can almost hear the alarms
going off and the sheets stirring, the houses yawning with footsteps,
but it, too, was vacating like the sound when the electricity
sucks from the whole neighborhood in a blackout.

The people in the glass of housebacks shuffle to bathrooms and kitchens
barely awake, and the teenage ones seem endless in their incarnations,
changing outfits, filling up the house with a dozen images of one self.

He shifts in his coat and smiles at it all,
but she thinks: I don't want eleven kids for every child
and though he doesn't hear it, he knows it's time to go,
so they pick themselves up and watch their feet push them to the next home,
windowshopping for the best of the dull, until she smiles again blankly, mouths something.
He didn't think it was love, but how does one know?

Jammydude44's piece (words were "sexy dress", "glass of lemonade" and "valentine's day candy")

Misery Pop Music

and like a liquorice lacquer your lipstick
tasted awful,
leather drenched in nail-varnish,
zipper drenched in bitterness.
Give me a McDonalds where the Italian Chicken
is plonked down square ahead,
a simple Mars bar where the valentine's
day candy was placed up on the bed.
your face looks like a colour-by-number
done by a three-year old, blind.
the kitchen smelt of benidorm,
not Barcelona.
A chilli dip - good company it doesn't make
for breadsticks when you know the guy you're with
prefers a mild starter.
Come on.
Romance can be Cleanliness -
a hoody, not a sexy dress -
and slippers where your heels have dug
a hole in to the lino.
A glass of lemonade instead of that cheap wine -
oh you can be so pretentious, precious, precocious
when tradition tempts you:
when the eyes in the queue prevent you from
dressing down or buying cheaply.
Just sit. A movie, pizza box
and share a smoothie or a croissant,
find something rubbish to talk over
and then doing the washing up.
That's nice. And afterwards,
a bit of shower sex...

Romance can be Cleanliness.

Ad*Astra's piece (words were "clumsy kiss", "glove" and "hormones")

the Iceberg

you feel unstoppable and then
suddenly something
stops you

she told me I had a clumsy kiss, our love
was like trying to stick a fist into a glove
we don't fit when we're this tense and tough
I feel so awkward because
I still don't know what
to do with my heart

when all I wanted was to be inside her jeans
our hormones were not enough alone
to justify the means
she wouldn't say my name
just kissed me softly
on the collarbone
a cacophony of un-
told lies
most days I hardly
know she's there

every morning I would dream
different versions of the day before
and awoke unsure of which was real
there were nights that, while she was sleeping, I would sing to her
I am finding now that so many of my experiences with her were singular
it was just one of many things that didn't mean anything to her

it was so easy to give up
bed half-empty, cup
spilled on the carpet
leaning like a single rose in a glass of water
I will wither
with her or
without her

in the meantime I felt like
a mime begging for her back
no words, tugging an invisible rope
that I hoped was still attached
to her on the other side
dragging an anchor that won't
save our place in line

I know it's no one's fault
we neglect the fact that
sometimes forgetting is just
a mechanism of the heart
snapped shut like a locket

that said, she may not
remember any of this at all
we were watching Titanic and
she called me sick for admiring
how beautiful the lights were, shining
through the stars and the
windows of that weighty boat
as it seesawed into the ocean

and now I will never forget
how she made me feel
like the captain of
a sinking

samoo's piece (words were "fat-free ice cream", "love at first sigh" and "postcard")

Almost Tempted

A halfway smile to the side of her face, just for a second, to let me know that she knew. Ordering takeout from the most expensive restaurant in the city. The kind to know she was thin but joke about being 'large' anyway.
2 hrs after,
Sat on a bin by the bus station and both watched the cars go by. Until 1:45 when she started to tire - then took a snap to remind me to never date drunk girls again. It was nice if you didn't look at the puke by her feet. After work I'll email her the photo as if it's a romantic postcard.
Got a letter from a distant relative earlier this morning. Polaroids included. 1 of their new dog, another of a niece. Reminded me to write more to my pen-pal and less to the old peoples' home. Checked the freezer after that and threw down a share-size tub of fat-free ice cream. Wasn't worth it but at least it took away the taste of sick.
Should get off the computer as receptionist guy watching now, Probably hear all the cliches like 'love at first sigh' and 'he was to good to be true" but must get off here and do some work before he tells manager...
will write to you later. Straight after another lonely money-scam v. day

vintage x metal's piece ("simone de beauvoir", "silly drawings" and "hammock")

come mid-february, when the days have been much too short
for too long, my being floats towards nothingness, and like the
french intellectual romantics we face our anguish -

simone de beauvoir sat on her drab throne in front of her letters
hastily scribing every sentiment that came to mind
no more silly drawings and affectionate poems for the man;
he has morphed into a figure much too aesthetic,
something to be explored and rationalized to its core,
a religion of more absurd sorts, the kinds of whimsy and squalor,
the kinds that search for the holy moment when
(in her mind, engraved)
she sees his eyes bright in perfect clarity when he smiles
and she knows that he is in love and is honest and open -

but this is only an ideal to strive for. this must come
in small doses. first you must analyze.

valentine's day shows us, if nothing else, the importance of context.

sartre swung idly in his hammock of being,
this ultimate acceptance of striving,
relishing in the presence of what was around him,
but he forgot what she was when she wasn't around -
he built his distractions in perfect arrangement
to avoid walking through the path of her thoughts.

flowers, maybe, for her, I suppose.
right, those should do.
btw, i decided that the third place will not get any points despite previously stating otherwise. the reason for this, is that i was expecting 8-12 people and we ended up with six. and yeah, i thought a competition where half the contestants win would be kind of weird.
also the rules state that there are only two winners in a seasonal comp anyway, so +5 points, 1st place; & +4 points, 2nd place.
this. srsly. i like how they're all different too.

btw, please more votes, people.
well that certaintly changed pace in the last 8 hours. i really dont think the second was the best piece here, it had great ideas but clumsy execution. Saadia's also was not up to how hard she usually hits. again, bits of brilliance masked in uncomfortable philosophical language (though probably intended it took me out of the piece). I wanted all of these to be more personal and I think its interesting the strategies each of us took. Ad*astra's was the only one that made me feel sad, which is why I would have, in retrospect, only voted for him. good stuff man.

but I think if we made a compilation of poetry from the six of us we could make some mula for sure.

regardless of whats here, all beautiful poets. and i'm drunk.

lets do more of these contests, yeah?
I liked the magenta one
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yeah, there were some really nice pieces here. the magenta one reminded me of the piece i wrote for this competition three years ago, i could feel it. good stuff.

thanks everyone who participated and voted! i agree that we should do this type of shit more often: it's fun, we try things we normally wouldn't do, we get to know each other more and we keep this forum alive. if anyone has any comp idea, go ahead and suggest it. i was thinking of an extreme flash fiction comp the other day, idk. we could try more of these stuff.

thanks again, it was a pleasure reading these. congrats to the winners! love <3