Hey folks,
Ive been playing guitar for some years and built up a fairly good technique and feeling for guitarplaying.
But, ive learnt all i know from watching tabs and listening to the rythm and without tabs ive got no idea how to pickout songs.
Anyone who has a good way how to learn?

f.ex. im about to learn bark at the moon, do i just listen to the song and keep trying until i pick the right notes?

or is there any good exercises or beginners guide?
Just... do it? There's no magic trick.

If you're good with theory and can hear chord qualities and/or interval qualities it'll go a little quicker, but that can all be built up over time.
i know nothing of music theory, and i cant tell the difference from E or G, or any other note.. so i have to sit down and learn the sound of every note? and work from there? thats my question.. how do i learn that, is there any good beginners guide?
Quote by brewi
i know nothing of music theory, and i cant tell the difference from E or G, or any other note.. so i have to sit down and learn the sound of every note? and work from there? thats my question.. how do i learn that, is there any good beginners guide?

If you're talking about transcribing music (Playing what you hear and not by tab) here's some things that helped me. Realize this, first of all; you can't (Well most) just learn to tell the differences between notes like you said. Most people as far as relative pitch goes cannot tell the difference for an E note and a G note.

Secondly, theory helps. It can let you know what key a song is, and once you figure that out, it becomes less of a guessing game. For example, say I figure out a key is in Cmaj by transcribing the song abit and learning some of the chords, that means the song is going to contain(in most cases, there's an exception here, but not always) it's going to be one of the seven chords found in that key.

Third, start easy, do not start with a song that is super fast or usually any solos. I don't really remember what songs I started with but I know they were easy ones.

And last, it's hard as hell, I'm not going to lie. However, if you still with it, it only gets easier the longer you go. I started awhile ago thinking it was impossible, now I transcribe SRV stuff, decently. I'm not that great at it, but you do start getting better.

Here's two songs to try:
This is in Drop D, it's 4 power chords, not drums vocals or anything(Some weird noise, but it only happens alittle, focus on the distorted chords.). Just so you can see if you can do this. Don't feel bad if you get 3/4 chords wrong, as long as you're trying. Excuse the creepy video. I don't know if people on this site will agree to try it but it was one of the first I did.

And Polly by Nirvana, Not much but guitar, pretty easy, but don't feel bad if you miss chords. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VIoxMiFq66s

Hopefully this is what you where asking, if not disregard everything I said, haha.
Your ear will develop over time however you must learn the basics.

UG is one of the biggest resources out there, not to mention the web. Just hit the lessons link and look for something or Google it! If not, find a good instructor in your area.
Hi Brewi! Yes I agree, in this modern day and age it is quite easy to be lazy with guitar and just rely on tabs. Everyone does it!

It's impossible to be able to distinguish and name each note straight away. This takes years and years of study to acquire, this is perfect pitch. If you can do this you'd be close to the musical level of a conductor.

You need to start with intervals. Intervals are the basis of everything in aural music. There are plenty of threads here on UG that explain intervals which would be a good place to start. From there, you'd work on being able to distinguish between chords, descending intervals, then notating a melody from just listening to it, ie without a pitched instrument in your hands.

To pick out songs:
All you need to do is slow the song down. First, download Audacity. It's a free program that allows you to slow down songs, create loops etc. Just be wary, the more you slow a song down the more distorted the sound quality gets.

When it comes to working out chords that aren't power chords, I've found a good way to start is to find the bass note first, then try out the different chord shapes until you find the right one. Eg, Dominant 7th, Minor 7th, diminished 7th etc. Even working out the bass line before the chords gives you a good idea of the movement.

Everyone can improve their ear, it's not a gift that people are born with. You just have use your ears all the time. When you're tuning your guitar, don't use a tuner, tune to a piano or another pitched instrument. When you're watching tv try and pick out the melody in advert jingles. Etc etc. Having a good ear is one of the things that makes a good musician
Thanks alot, that is great info ! Really appreciate it. You were spot on what I was in need of.