can somebody help me make my own guitar riff if a song.

if there is a song that is not a rock song, maybe a pop or maybe a rock song without a riff part or lead part (some call it lead part) how can i make one?

how can make a riff and a solo (adlib, others call it adlib) of it? i've been trying to learn it for many days..

what i did before was just i'm getting a piano piece then translate it into a guitar tab... but it's not working.. my guitar is not a piano.. obviously.

ok.. so just reply for any help pls..
There's no secret or learning process involved in creating riffs. You just sit down with your guitar and experiment, until you come up with something original that you like. Obviously, knowing music theory and how to play guitar goes a long way to achieving something good, but they're not mandatory.
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Use the same notes in the song in the riff or solo to construct melodies.

It's a very hard question to answer. It's like asking "how do you play guitar?"
Just keep playing. Trying to do it usually doesn't get you anywhere. I wouldn't even mind about the notes. You can always change the riff to fit the key of the song. Just keep playing random stuff. Eventually you'll find yourself playing something awesome, a new riff you just invented! At least that's how I do it.
Hey, dude! You don't make guitar riffs before you can play guitar. First LEARN TO PLAY and STOP POSTING THESE STUPID THREADS! How long have you been playing? Do you even have a guitar or do you still have the acoustic that you wanted to be an electric guitar?

But to answer your question:

The riffs that I have written just have started ringing in my head. I don't experiment that much to write songs, I just solo and jam over my riffs. Most of my riffs just started ringing in my head when I was doing something else than playing guitar.
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i hear it in my head, and i play it. it's that simple. experimentation works, too, i guess, but it's just a more inefficient way of doing things.

you should put less time into wondering how to do things, and more time into training yourself first. once you've done that, then you should use the abilities you've obtained to help you figure out things like this.
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