(Didn't know where to put this thread)
Okay so I managed to upload my music to Mediafire. But as everybody knows Mediafire is full with stupid adds everywhere. But I couldn't find another site that would let me upload the file.

Is there a way for me to direct people to the downloading spot directly? So that when they click the link they can just download it from there, instead of being directed to mediafire. I want the winrar or winzip file to open directly when they click the link.. I don't want to direct them to a site full of ads.

Thanks in advance..
download the file yourself in chrome and press ctrl+J to open downloads. itll show the link for your actual music. or at least it should...
Complaining about a free file sharing site with very little adverts

**** up yo'
Yeah I know but It's not my problem. I don't care about the ads. Infact I have adblock too. I just want it to be easier for people who choose to download my music. And if there are no ads they won't be distracted.