I've felt lacking in the music theory department for some time now, but this is the last year I'm going to be studying with my teacher. Normally I don't trust theory books because of the ones I've seen, they've just been really generic or skimpy on the music.

So does anyone know any decent books or any advice?
Have a look at the link in my Sig if studying online is an option.

The two books that I have heard praised in a positive light are Music Theory for Dummies and AB Guide to Music Theory. Personally, I have never seen a Music Theory book that I thought was any good. I'm a teacher and I am also biased towards the way that we teach, so this feeds heavily into why I say that. So, please take my comments with a grain of salt. There's a reason that I see books on theory as lacking.


Schroeder and Wyatt wrote a very good general purpose workbook, "Harmony and Theory."

The key with learning theory is to do it concurrently with developing your ear. You don't know theory if you can put the right name on the right concept. You know theory when you can HEAR it in practice.