My friend once had a thin body acoustic. It was made by a company called Spencer. As for the model number, I'm not sure, but I loved the sound. I could tell the top was spruce, maybe laminated, and the back was mahogany. Are there any thin body acoustics with a solid top? I can't find any...the only ones I find are all laminate...
Thinnest one I've come across would be the Fender Stratacoustic, but it's a special case, anyway. IIRC even though most of them aren't made from any good wood, there are a few more expensive, better ones out there.

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I've seen them. I don't want TOO thin. I am looking for a body depth in the 3s or early 4s. Just thinner than my Yamaha FG700S.
Big baby taylor and the martin x series? They're pretty thin.

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I may consider the Martin x series, but they don't have binding, which kind of scares me. The Big baby taylor has a shorter scale, and I tune down to drop C all the time, so the tension would be an issue.