I really loved the feel of this song, so eerie and creepy. I felt on edge the whole time I was listening to it, so you definitely achieved the creepy aspect. I love the guitar at the end, just adds that extra layer to bring things over the top. Good production too!
Nice and creepy dude, Those scream samples were a nice touch. The high pitched melody was very cool, almost gave it a sci-fi feel though. And those guitars that came in at the end... wow! Great build up, very creepy. The screaming in the outro creeped me out haha! It would be cool if you could stick some whispering samples in there that kinda jump in and out of the extreme left and right pans. Indecipherable whispering behind me early on in the piece would've made me shit my pants.

Nice work dude, you should get in touch with NeptuneUK. He writes background music for flash games, if I remember correctly. Maybe you guys could collaborate on a project.... Just a thought.

Anyway, check out my stuff if you get a chance