UPDATE 2.29.12


Yup, that's right! The first two GRAVE MISTAKE new releases for 2012, the SECTARIAN VIOLENCE "S/T" 7" and the BAD ADVICE "Do Not Resuscitate" 7", are now available in the webstore (http://www.gravemistakerecords.com/catalog/)! Both of these records took a bit longer to get out then originally planned, but I can honestly say that the wait and anticipation for both was definitely worth it as they look and sound incredible. I've got limited colored vinyl for both releases (Orange for the Bad Ad, Red for the SxV) available to mailorder customers so head over to the webstore and pick 'em up! We've got some tracks from both of the records posted on the Grave Mistake Bandcamp page (http://gravemistakerecords.bandcamp.com/) as well. Here's a bit more on these two new releases, and you can read the full update (the long/nerd version) at www.gravemistakerecords.com ...


A nice breath of fresh air for hardcore punk in the harshest demeanor possible! This is the pummeling debut EP from SECTARIAN VIOLENCE, an intercontinental straight edge hardcore punk band comprised of members of bands from the US (COKE BUST), the UK (NEVER AGAIN), and Sweden (STAY HUNGRY). Fast, raw, pissed off hardcore drawing influences from 80's hardcore like THE ABUSED, LIFES BLOOD, NEGATIVE APPROACH, or early AGNOSTIC FRONT, with a contemporary take on the genre similar to more recent bands like VIOLENT MINDS or DEAD STOP. Raging fast parts combined with hard hitting breakdowns, all of which are executed with desperation and urgency of those classic 80's bands. Lyrically the topics cover a range of social and political issues, both globally and locally, seething with the frustration and anger that makes hardcore and punk still relevant in 2012. This release came out just in time for the band's European tour in March/April, check out the dates below!

ORDER: http://www.gravemistakerecords.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=4737
LISTEN: http://gravemistakerecords.bandcamp.com/album/sectarian-violence


Finally!!! This EP from Richmond's BAD ADVICE has been in the making for the better part of four years. BAD ADVICE features Brandon and Eric from GOVERNMENT WARNING / DIRECT CONTROL on double guitar duties, Tony Bitch and Keith Babe from THE LADIES on vocals and bass, respectively, and Colin from CLOAK/DAGGER behind the drum kit; a Richmond hc/punk all-star group of sorts. Originally formed in 2007, recorded in 2008, finished in 2010, and now released in 2012, this EP still sounds as vital and refreshing as the day these songs were written. While the "members of" tags inevitably perked up people's ears (especially at that time in the late 2000's), BAD ADVICE managed to step out from the shadows of "side project" status by delivering a scathing blend of mid tempo 70's punk and pissed-fast early USHC, both live and now on record. Each member was able to bring to the table the writing and playing styles they perfected with their main bands to create a sound that stood on it's own amidst not only their bands, but their contemporaries as well. If you are a fan of any of the bands listed previously, you will DEFINITELY want to check this out. Split release with TENSION HEAD RECORDS.

ORDER: http://www.gravemistakerecords.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=4736
LISTEN: http://gravemistakerecords.bandcamp.com/album/do-not-resuscitate

I've got a lot of killer stuff planned for Grave Mistake this year and these two releases are a great start. These are both ready to roll and orders will be shipping right away, plus your favorite distros, stores, and record labels should have their copies very shortly. If you do a distro/store/label/etc and would like to carry these or any other Grave Mistake releases, please do not hesitate to drop me an email ... I can deal direct or I can point you to one of our wonderful distributors. Any labels looking to trade, please hit me up as well. Also, as always I'm looking for cool blogs / zines / websites that want to review copies, so don't hesitate to hit me up with some info if you would like to possibly receive promos for review.

I've been slow in announcing the rest of my 2012 plans, but rest assured, next week I will fill you in on EVERYTHING coming up! For now, thanks for reading and check out these new records!



03/26 Sheffield, UK @ TBA
03/27 Paris, FR @ La Miroiterie w/ Gasmask Terror, Amer, Peur Panique
03/28 Antwerp, BE @ Jc Den Eglantier w/ Not Afraid, Vvovnds
03/29 Darmstadt, DE @ Oetinger Villa w/ Avalanche
03/30 Luzern, CH @ Sedel Club w/ Unveil, Archers & Arrows, Set The Destroyer, Within Walls
03/31 Vienna, AT @ Venster w/ Mind Trap, Six Score
04/01 Nürnberg, DE @ Kv w/ Vengeance
04/02 Bratislava, SK @ Obluda Klub w/ Boiling Point
04/03 Cluj-Napoca, RO @ The King w/ Stuck In A Rut
04/04 Budapest, HU @ TBA
04/05 Prague, CZ @ Cafe Na Pul Cesty w/ Bent Cross, Finding Faith
04/06 Warsaw, PL @ Radio Luxemburg w/ Rise And Fall, The Secret, Oathbreaker, Sick Shit
04/08 Gdansk, PL @ TBA
04/09 Berlin, DE @ K'pi
04/10 Bad Hersfeld, DE @ Juze w/ Wolf Down, In Circles
04/11 Hasselt, BE @ Mod w/ Cold World, Not Afraid, Wolf Down, Blindside
04/12 London, UK @ TBA