Hey guys, I have been playing around with audacity a little bit and am really enjoying it so far (thinking about buying some software and some equipment). Right now I'm just using the mic on my laptop to record so obviously the sound quality is sub-par but I'm really interested to know what people think of the vocals on this track, I just started singing this past year and so far I'm fairly pleased with the progress but this will be the first time I've ever really shared anything I've sang with anyone so any feedback or criticism would be great!

The song is the first verse and chorus of "Strip My Mind" by RHCP. I'm singing both of the vocal parts and strumming the chords in the background:

That was actually pretty good.
There were a few week spots at the beginning but by the end it sounded quite cool.

Of course, I'm not gonna fool you around, it needs work but the was still pretty good, especially for only one year.