So in the next few months I'll be looking to upgrade to my first tube amp. I'm really leaning towards the 6505+ combo, but I want to know what some other options out there are before I make the decision.

My budget is about $450 and I'm willing to buy used if need be (obviously if I go 6505 I'm going to be buying used haha). I'll eventually be gigging with it, but for now it will be mainly used for home playing. My guitar I use is the LTD EC-1000, and I'm looking to be able to play as heavy as say Bullet For My Valentine, Godsmack, All That Remains, etc. and I also want to be able to play Guns N Roses. I feel like the 6505 combo will be good for what I want, but I want some input on other options just to try them out. Thanks in advance bros.
Yeah, that should work for your style.
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I dont know where you are located but if I were in your situation, I'd definitely get the 6505. But if you let us know where you live, we might be able to find a good amp for sale on craigslist.
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