I am an advanced classical guitarist, and some of my friends want me to play lead in their band. Any advice?
I'd recommend you grab some jam tracks and play along with them to get a feel for what you're in for. What style of music is the band? As long as your improvisational skills are up to snuff, you should be fine. Several sites off free practice tracks.
thanks. they play a wide range of rock. i guess i dont really know my scales because i have been playing from a score
Scales are going to be real helpful in this instance. Also, being able to play certain licks or fills the same as the recording for recognition of the song, but also being able to add your own nuances. Having a good ear will help, too. Knowing what sounds good, even though it may not fit the scale is a skill that would come in handy. Again, I'd strongly recommend you use Google to find some free practice or jam tracks in the rock genre. If you can find the same songs they want to play and practice with them, that's even better. If you find it difficult to noodle around with practice tracks, you'll likely have the same problem when playing with the band. In that case, you'll want to lay out. I would imagine your standard notation reading skills are probably top notch. You might be able to use that to your favor, if you can find the sheet music to the songs they want to play. Be prepared to transpose them, since I frequently find they're in the wrong key, or the band wants to play in a different key for the benefit of the singer.

Seriously, good luck.
1: learn the whole lotta love solo by led zeppelin

2: steal licks from it


4: profit!

seriously, though, listen to a bunch of rock bands with known good players (jimmy page, van halen, hendrix, guys like that) and just basically steal their licks.

1st position e minor pentatonic will cover you for an awful lot of rock solos

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