Not sure if its an operator error or if it is an issue others have came across but when using superior drummer and metal foundry it seems as if the tone I get from the drums when I have a midi track mapped in with SD or MF is completely different than the sound i get if i click on each drum individually. Not sure if it is my midi note velocities or what but the sound i get when i click the drums is really good and the sound from the sound when not clicked is very puny and thin mostly on snare and kick.This is probably something simple but does anyone know what i should try
Just raise the velocity on your piano roll
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I had the same issue. The default velocity when you click on the drums is 127 I believe, but some times the MIDI notes will default their velocity to 80. You can change this in the 'Mapping' portion of SD 2.0 for each piece of the kit, or you can edit each MIDI note individually.

Can be a pain at first, but once you see the potential in using the velocity to influence a song's emotion it can be awesome.

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