I'm looking for a Bass overdrive or distortion to add to my sound.

I've already got a Black Russian Big Muff so I'm covered on fuzz. I want something that's more of an overdrive.

I'm looking to spend no more than $100 or so.

I've been looking at the Boss ODB-3, the EHX Bass Blogger, and the Ibanez TS9B. I'm leaning towards the ODB-3 but I'm trying to see if there's anything good I haven't seen yet.

Anyone have suggestions?
The ODB-3 is really fuzzy. Not even close to overdrive. Super gritty and harsh if you don't dial it in just right.

I'd head in the direction of a Green Rhino or a low gain OD with a lot of bottom end...
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SansAmp bass driver.
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SansAmp bass driver.

I don't have $200 to spend.

The cheapest one I can find is $110 on ebay with a day left. Trust me, If I had the money for it, I would have gotten one already.
I don't know if I can find a cheap TS9B but has anyone used a normal TS9 or a TS9DX for bass? How do those sound?
I've used a Bad Monkey with bass before. It has a nice tone in the mids, but I thought it cut too much of the deeper lows for me to use it all the time. I figure the TS9 will have a similar effect. Using the TS9B's mix knob could help maintain some of those lowest lows... You oughta see what you can try first.
Maximum volume yields maximum goats.
^Yeah, I don't have much opportunity to get out and try pedals (i have no car), so I'm mostly listening to online demos and get them on ebay.