I'd suggest working on your fretting on the acoustic, quite a lot of buzzing and dead strings and stuff, not sure how much of that is your instrument, but it sounds like you need a bit more strength in your hand.

The vocals are a little weak. It's obvious you have a sense of pitch, which is good, but there are times when it just falls flat, especially on longer notes. At times it just sounds a little too amateur-singer-ish too, I think you have the potential to be able to sing quite well with some more practice though, just sounds like you need to strengthen your voice.
Vocals aren't very good. You can sing, but you need more practice. You seem a little bored when singing out loud. Your guitar playing is decent. Sloppy and loose, but could definitely be polished up a ton. "Lovebirds" is a good song. When fretting notes/chords, push down harder with your left hand and make sure to strum the guitar more accurately. Singing needs more practice, but you have potential. You play the piano quite well from what I can tell.

If you could return the favor with some criticism on my music, that'd be awesome and very much appreciated from both my singer and I.
Ostrich Slide has a cool twangy guitar sound. But, yeah I guess it gets a bit silly after that :P Just sample the first bit. The slide part, before it goes up and down to repeat itself. I can imagine if heavy drums kick in after a couple of bars of that, bass, and distorted guitars you've got something people can groove to.