I purchased a Schecter Hellraiser Special C-8 two months ago and it's one helluva guitar, but I'm not too fond of the pickup set, namely the EMG 808s. The guitar has a mahogany body and neck with a quilted maple top and rosewood fretboard, yet it sounds oddly bright. It still hints at that powerful mahogany tone, but I really want a set of pickups to bring it out.

The tone I'm looking for is something really bassy (but still tight) in the neck, suitable for some real sweet jazzy leads and deep clean tones. In the neck, I'd like something with a really high output with some powerful midrange.

I heard good things about Bare Knuckle pickups and based on the sound clips on the site, I was thinking about purchasing a Ceramic Warpig for the bridge, and a Crawler for the neck. They seem to suit my preferences well, based on the sound clips, at least.

I'm new to the pickup world, however. I've never swapped pickups before, and I don't know who offers 8-string humbuckers, whats good, whats not, etc. So if any advice is available I'd appreciate it.
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Outside of boutique stuff like BKP, Lundgren, etc., you're pretty much limited to Dimarzio D-Activator 8s, EMG 808 (or the bass pups), or Lace Alumitone X-bar/Deathbar (which I absolutely love for their clarity, but you may have the same issue with them that you do with the EMGs).

As far as production stuff goes, D-Activator 8s would be your best bet, but you really can't go wrong with Bare Knuckles
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