Me and a couple of friends are trying to cover this song


(You only have to listen from 0 - 1:22, after that there's nothing really new on guitar.)

I don't usually play in alternate tunings, so my ear sucks at figuring it out.
Can you tell me what tuning that guitar is in? I'm pretty sure it's not standard E. I think it's
Drop Ab or Drop F, but that seems way too low for it to be right.

I brought this recording to some more experienced guitarists and they said that it's most likely a seven-string guitar tuned to Drop A. Why seven-string? Because it sounds "tight, like it wouldn't on a 6 string"

I've figured out the piano parts and realized that the guitar is basically just playing the chords from the piano with some additions.

I think I've also figured that it's in 3/4 at 210 bpm......or 6/8 at 105 bpm....not sure the different but I'm using 3/4.

I've tried playing it in standard E using "stacked 3rds + octave" I think that's what it's called. Like this



And it sounds...ok. But nowhere near as heavy a sound as the recording, plus I think I mixed the strings and guitar at a part. (BTW that tab is very basic, just a rough idea, I know there's more like the PMing)

Listening closely I think there's a slight phaser on the guitar because I hear what sounds like scratching harmonics through a phaser when chords are played, probably coming from the lowest string. Possibly also doubletracked.

Anyway so my question is what tuning do you think this is in (and how do I get there...what kind of strings do I need), is it on a 7 string (can I emulate the sound on a 6 string), and do you think it's 210 bpm at 3/4?

Sounds like a standard tuning to me, not dropped. Couldn't tell you what note, it's probably not any lower than B though.

Also it's definitely 6/8 time, not 3/4. You can tell because of the bass hit on the 1 and the snare-type hit on the 4th beat. Just count it out.. "ONE two three FOUR five six" sounds a lot better and lines up with "ONE and TWO and THREE and.."

Also I don't know what you're talking about stacked thirds... most of those examples just look like power chords with the 5th in the bass aside from the C# you have about half way across the first row.
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I just had a quick listen, it sounded like standard tuning to me too, with some inversions, like the ones in your tab, the power chords with the 5th in the bass.
The rest sounds heavy because of the bass guitar
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Hey thanks guys, I think I'm getting close....well closer at least

I also realize I meant octaved power chords :P

Engineno9, I hear now that it's in 6/8, but realized it too late in composing, and 3/4 seemed to work just as good. Also I'm pretty sure that it's 209 and I don't know what the equivalent would be / can't do 104.5 bpm in garageband.

Also, I noticed that even though I think it's 209, because it matched the recording (I took the recording and gave it it's own track, trying to match it for the drums) it seemed to fall slightly out of sync halfway through. But it lost sync at 208 and 210 even faster so I don't know what's going on....

Another thing I noticed was that even though in the beginning it lined up nice and evenly in measures, somewhere down the line (I think it was the first drum transition into the heavy part from the techno beat) it started falling JUST out of even measures. Kept being somewhere between the 2nd and 3rd quarter of each beat, and then it stayed that way for the whole song. Soon it was hard to get it to match the song and it's own instruments at the same time. Is that normal?? I suspect the recorded song had a slight tempo change there to accommodate for it...but I don't hear it in the recording....

So, now that I've completed the entire song (Still a very rough draft, gotta tweak some things) I'm posting it here for critique. Please tell me what's wrong here, and how to fix it so it sounds a lot better

Everything is from scratch, no pre-made loops. Made in Garageband which might've been a mistake. Bass added and double tracked to attempt to make the guitar sound better.

Guitar was recorded through USB Fender Mustang 1 with Amplitube LE, and then triple tracked with one in the center and the others on the left and right. It still doesn't sound so awesome....please help. I'm trying to make it sound just like the record

Also I played in D Standard.

Please help

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