Just got my R9 Cherry Burst in today from Paul at Guitar Galleria in Tennessee. Want to first off say that I had a great experience with them, fast shipping, fair price, and great description.
Now, onto the guitar! First impression: soooo nice! I can't believe how much better it sounds and plays than my 2008 Standard. I've played a few Custom Shop instruments before but never before have I realized how big a step up they are from Gibson USA. This particular one has a nice fat neck (quite a bit fatter than my 2008 std), which I like so far. The sound is great with my Mesa Mark V. I've been able to get spot on tone for both The Eagles (Hotel California) and Guns N' Roses (Sweet Child O' Mine and Welcome to the Jungle), which is awesome because I was never able to quite nail anything with my 2008 std, which is the main reason I decided to get an R9 in the first place.
It's 9.2 lbs according to the shop (haven't weighed it myself yet), and I was a little worried that it might be too heavy but it's just fine for me. In fact, after switching back and forth between the 2008 std and the R9, I almost like the extra weight, makes it feel like you're playing something more substantial!
Anyway, onward to pictures which I know is what you guys are here for anyway :-P They aren't super great; the lighting isn't the best and my camera leaves some to be desired, but here it is!

And lastly, a picture with my 2008 Standard, a duo of Les Pauls.


Beautiful. Just f*cking beautiful. HNGD!
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They're beautiful!


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Judging by the photography, looks like he's going to be having a threesome with a pair of LP's...

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very nice. the only Gibson Custom was amazing, it was a black beauty. i remember how it felt. awesome guitar. it belonged to a friend of the family's friend that i sold some gear to. i sold him a cheap cab and a cheap head for like $500 and he handed me an extra $200 "for my hassles" which i assume was lifting it into is Porsche Cayenne . really nice guy. rich as well.

he didn't under stand the needing a good amp for great tone though. he was using that guitar with whatever i sold him with a Boss GT10 or some similar processor.
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Nice. Very nice. HNGD

That top is gunna look insane when it's faded after the years.
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Very nice! Happy New Guitar Day and happy playing!
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