The WH-1s are vintage, hard to find and expensive (as if you couldn't have guessed). There are a few versions between the current productions and the WH-1, but the big difference is that the WH-1's chips were produced by a separate company that had it down to a black magic (lol), I just can't remember the company name. Digitech has to produce the circuit chips themselves now, and they're, well, not quite as organic sounding.

Function-wise, the WH-4 has a few more features and are relatively easy to find. I've seen some recently for a little over $100 USED. I like mine, and bought a Napalm pedals Blenda to add some extra functionality.

PS: I'm pretty sure the effect in that song is the oscillation from a delay unit.
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one of the newer one that looks similar to the WH-1 is not too bad. my XP-100 version was alright, but got a bit 'steppy' sounding on certain patches.
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What about the new whammy dt?
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