Im thinking about trading my Boss EH-2 for an ibanez flanger fl9. Which is worth more?

I personally dont care for the function of the EH-2, it generally changes the sound of my guitar from warm to trebbly and thin or makes it too muddy. It sounds synthetic too :/ Id rather let my amp make its natural sounds.

Now, any comments about the Ibanez FL-9? Is it smooth? Can it pull off a subtle phasing sound?
The eh-2 is a pretty old pedal and the fl9 is defiantly worth more. I'd trade away.
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I always like the FL9. The regen tends to have a bit of a white noise background to it. Some people like that, some don't. I do. They are probably one of the least trebly flangers I've heard. One could also say they are less defined.
Having said that though I just bought a Joyo and I'm pretty impressed with it and it was very cheap. Bit cheesy looking but it sounds good. Very clear and quiet. The regen sounds more Boss like, ie no white noise.
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