This Seymour Duncan STK-S7 Vintage Hot Stack Plus WHITE?

OR the Fender Tex Mex Pickups

Going for a more 80s Thrash Metal sound. Idk which one to choose. If either are not good choices ill consider any good set of pickups for less than $90. Looking for Strat-style pickups to replace the crappy pickups that came with the Saga ST-10 kit. All opinions are appreciated!
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Essentially, there's no way you're getting a real '80s humbucker sound from that guitar regardless of what pups are in it. Of the pair, I'd recommend the Seymour Duncans over the Fender pups for the heavier gain, though I'd put a real humbucker over either first (that's not really an option in your case).
different guitar...

putting the duncan in will help (the fender won't really get that sound), but popping a $100 in electronics into a $170 guitar just seems silly
Neither will give you a tone suitable for thrash metal. For that you want to be looking at the Seymour Duncan Hot Rails or the DiMarzio Super Distortion S or Tone Zone S. Even then, they won't be perfect.
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Get a different guitar first. Putting a good pickup in a crappy guitar won't do much.
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@Legend Jedicsc - I already have 3 electric guitars. I dont need anymore. Im just wanting to make this one look and sound a bit nicer than the pickups that came with the kit.

@Way Cool JR. / MrFlibble- And as i said above im NOT going to spend more than $90 on a set of pickups.
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That vintage stack plus is for just the one pickup. A full 3-pickup set of Seymour Duncan single coils usually runs more in the region of $160. In fact, so do Fenders; those Fender pickups you've singled out are some of their cheaper pickups, hence the lower price for a set.

$90 doesn't get you fair if you want a full set, though really for thrash metal I can't imagine you would have that much use for the middle pickup anyway; you'd probably be best off just getting a bridge pickup for now, then saving up and getting a neck pickup later and only changing the middle pup if you really think you're missing out.

Be aware that any kind of hum-cancelling single coil is going to cost more than an equivalent regular single coil, and you do not want to be trying to play metal with a regular single coil.

There is no point buying pickups 'just because'. If you can't afford pickups that will do what you need them to do, wait and save up more. Putting money into something that doesn't suit you is a pointless waste, and frankly no matter how much you want it a generic aftermarket single coil is not going to sound good for thrash metal.

There are some cheap options, such as the GFS Lil Killers, but remember that they're cheaper for a reason. You'll get a basic, louder, hum-free, slightly stronger tone from them but it's not like they're going to sound like a set of handwound Bare Knuckle pickups or anything.
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Thanks for the reply. I only play with one pickup anyway....So i decided ill just buy one Bridge pickup for this guitar. Any suggestions? Ill spend up to $70-90 on one pickup.
Check out guitarfetish.com They have some called the Lil Killers. Im sure those will help you get the sound you want. Also for the price you might as well just buy a neck and bridge pup.

From GFS you could also get you a new pickguard and put a power rail or crunchy rail in it. You will have money left over with either option.
This is currently what my guitar looks like. Just to show my paint job of my Saga kit.
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Well at the same time, I kinda want to buy a brand name like Seymour or DiMarzio.
Then you have to pay for it. $90 will get you one pickup from either of those brands (or any other decent brand). The only full sets you'll get with a brand name attached are the cheap Fenders (which will be useless for thrash) and the Duncan Designed pickups or passive EMGs (both of which are no better than the guitarfetish.com pickups).

There is no such thing as a brand-name, high-quality part that fits to a restricted budget. Musical instruments are expensive, ergo parts for them are expensive. Your choices are buy cheap, stay in budget but not have the brand name and a less attractive sound, or buy from a big brand, get a decent sound but you're going to have to pay a premium for it.
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Flibble. Im just going to buy one bridge pickup now. The $90 should cover that one pickup. So now i need to see which one to buy.
For just one pickup, $90 gets you something nice. So, take a look at the Seymour Duncan Hot Rails and also at the DiMarzio Super Distortion S Tone Zone S. All three are powerful humbuckers in a standard single coil size. The Hot Rails has the thickest tone and the most output; the Super Distortion and Tone Zone are more bass-heavy rather than mids-heavy, and have slightly less output than the Hot Rails but are still very hot; the Super Distortion is the more raw of the two and the Tone Zone is a little smoother.
Then there's the DiMarzio Fast Track 2, which is the most ridiculously high-powered Strat pickup around, though this does mean it can get a little muddy. If you'll be tuning low or using heavy strings then this may not be for you, but if you're tuning anywhere between E Standard and D Standard with regular .09, .10 or .11 strings, the Fast Track 2 may be a good choice.

If you want to go for a full-on 80s metal tone, the DiMarzio Chopper would be a good pick; it's brighter and clearer than the other pickups, but it does have less output (still more than a regular single coil though, and it's still hum-cancelling). The Seymour Duncan JB Jr has almost as much output as the Hot Rails or Super Distortion but is also a slightly clearer-sounding pickup with more treble and less mids; a lot of early thrash and other metal music was played using the original JB pickup, so that could be worth considering even though it's not the most obvious choice.
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What does it mean by Stacked Single Coil. Cuz it seems the Seymour Hot Rails SHR-1 have a Stacked Single Coil and a regular one that says Hot Rails pickup. They both cost the same. But which one would be better in my case?
A stacked coil pickup is where there are two coils, one on top of the other. They're wired up like a humbucker, but the coil on the bottom is very weak; it's only there to cancel hum, it doesn't make the tone more powerful. Because on of the coils is so weak and because both coils are under the same part of the string, the tone still sounds like a regular single coil pickup.

The 'rail' style of pickup has the two coils next to each other, like a normal humbucker. Both coils are roughly equal in strength so you get a full, fat humbucker tone from them. They don't sound like normal single coils.

There's also one other big important difference. 'Rail' pickups use a bar magnet, like a normal humbucker, while 'stack' pickups usually use separate magnetic pole pieces, like a normal single coil pickup. This also exaggerates the difference between the two pickups; separate magnets give you a brighter and clearer tone, bar magnets give you a smoother and warmer, more powerful tone.

So basically the Hot Stack and Hot Rails are total opposites.
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Thanks for everyone's help on this post. Especially you MrFlibble! Here's the end result of my 5 week project! Similar to EVH's B&W Frankenstrat.


And also, does anyone know how to fill in these cracks that formed when i was wet sanding the guitar. I guess cuz the water went into the wood, and the wood expanded, so the paint cracked. There are about 3-4 of them on the guitar. They all occurred around the pot holes.