Hey guys

Just started a new job and they want me to work this weekend... unfortunately I just shelled out £70 on a ticket to a festival so I'm gonna have to pull a sickie. So first question have you guys ever pulled one? stories etc and how did you stop being caught by your boss? I think I've took all the precautions like I'm not taking my phone and no one at work has my Facebook but any more tips would be good. Its hard to cover up stuff like this with being linked in to so much online profiles and things.

Also this weekend's gonna be BIG!! hope you guys have a good one too
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Anyone agree there or am i on my own?
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why didn't you just make monday your start date? or tell them you couldn't work this weekend because of a previous engagement you made before you'd even applied for work so you'll trade shifts? if you stress that you made the plan long before working there and that it's a one-off thing, it shouldn't be a problem.
You could've stated that you couldn't work this weekend in a professional manner.

Or forge a doctor's note.
Not a good move when you're starting out.

Don't be a dick, they can fire you without cause in the first 90 days.
Just don't get sun burned to shit like I did and then say " I must have got sun burned riding my bike to the doctor"

True story
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i thought this thread said 'pulling a sickle'

you can't imagine how confused i was

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I started at a new store a few weeks ago I've been with the company a few years and I know the policies about trading shifts and things, even though I told them its pretty much tough luck if you're scheduled. My old manager even told me just to not tell anyone you're doing it and pull a sickie!
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Anyone agree there or am i on my own?
Pulling a sickie eh? I pulled a phat 360 sickie to tailslide over a 9 set last weekend.

...modes and scales are still useless.

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You remind me of my uncle.

He's had four jobs in the last decade.

The majority of that time he was unemployed.

Just go into work.

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I read that as "Pulling a sickle".

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Definitely. I used all my sick days, and they totally knew I was faking it and made fun of me the whole time, but they didn't think any less of me because they probably would have done the same thing, and I work for a multinational corporation in an office setting.
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You're going to lose your job, TS.

This. You needed to handle this much more professionally.
Be conservative when you find the limit of what you can push without negative repercussions. You are sowing it wrong, trust me. I'm the king of slacking at work.
Good luck keeping your job if you just got hired and already start flaking.
I'm rgrockr and I do not approve of this message.
I worked with a guy who would put in sick days just to go to see devil driver and compete in rap battles. Needless to say, he lost the rap battles, saw devil driver and got fired for neglecting his new position.

He went apeshit when he found out he got fired. He thought he was a great employee. One problem, he did this every weekend when he was supposed to work.

Go see your show, and put in a sick day. Im sure it'll work out fine, but if you make a habit of this, fellow employees will disrespect your truth and your boss will no longer show you empathy.
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I was once supposed to work on a particular Saturday, but I had an afternoon open air charity gig to play on a pub car park the same day, so I pulled a sickie.

Problem was, my boss happened to drive past the car park while I was playing.