I sanded down the baseball bat of a neck on my epiphone dot and put on a satin sealer. And it doesn't feel very smooth. I was going for the music man type feel. I used 220 grit. My question is, shud I go back over with evn lighter grit? Or wet sand paper maybe? It's thinner and Better shaped/smoother feeling than it was with the poly or whatever waa on there it just is not as smooth as I would like.
wet sand it, with a higher grit than 220.
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Thanks man. I'll try some wet tomorrow. The 220 on my hand almost felt like nothing I thought it would be good.
Music Mans use tru-oil for their necks. I used that to finish a strat neck over an amber stain, I like the feel of the finish. It's very easy to apply and ends up very smooth. I've seen it go on nicely on mahogany necks as well. You just rub it on, it cures in about 8 hours, and you build up coats. After 5-6 coats, you can buff it up with #0000 steel wool.