Hi All,

A newbiee in the forum... even though a loyal visitor to Ultimate GUitar page

I tried to record through my USB digital effects processor via Cube Case (using ASIO drivers), but usually encountering irritating issues.

So can anyone suggest me a device which would help me to simply plug to my instrument of choice, play it, record it, transfer to Cube Case Software. Then i add additional tracks to the device, while playing along to the track previously transfered to Cube Case.

Please guide me on this.

Jackson Warrior WRXTX
Zoon G2.1Nu
Vox 15W Pathfinder
Yamaha PSR E-423
what kind of problems are you encountering? It could be just a software/computer problem, in which case buying new audio interface wouldn't help you too much right now.
Yeah, I would imagine that the issue is a fairly simple fix if you explain exactly what happens to us (just talk us through the process from start to finish including describing what you hear if that's the issue, and maybe uploading a recording that shows it, if it is noises causing your irritaton etc.).

I'm gonna to presume you're on about Cubase, as I've never heard of anything called 'Cube Case', and there are a few users here very familiar with that DAW - axemanchris in particular, is a long-time user of the software and if we can't point you in the right direction, I'm sure he can help you identify the problem and solution.

Buying new gear/splashing the cash should always be your last choice, as it is an expensive business to get into (recording) just like playing an instrument at a high level, and you want to save the pennies wherever you can (without compromising on quality)!
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