Hey there guys!! We're currently looking for a drummer who can odd time signatures, has good double pedal work and has a bunch of groove and power! We have an e.p done (vocals still missing but for the most part done). We are located in North jersey. Here is a preview of how we sound:

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We're usually a 4 piece. Thanks for check us out!
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So if you're looking for a drummer, is this a drum machine or did someone fill in?

Either way, I like the drum patterns/playing itself, but one thing that bothered me in places was the tone of the snare. It stuck out of the mix too much for my taste. It was worse in some places than others (an example being the section starting at 20 seconds). This might jsut be personal preference, however.

The riffs are awesome. Really digging the overall construction of the song, too. I think some vocals could suit it well if you have a good singer.

Overall I enjoyed the song. Aside from the snare, the mix sounded pretty good to me. Good work!

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Thanks guys!! Its not mixed at all yet so that could be the problem with the snare. If anyone has recommendation for what they would like to hear vocally. A lot of people have said something along the lines of the fall of troy/circa survive/dance gavin dance.
Sounds dope. You guys fans of Exivious at all? You guys share a similar vibe, though I think your band is a bit heavier overall.
I think a vocal would be cool too; a growled vocal would fit perfectly imo, maybe a mix of clean and growled stuff would be good as well. If you were to go with a clean vocal id like to hear some kind of soaring male vocal like protest the hero, though maybe in a lower register.
Plying is very tight, guitar tone is fine, although personally I prefer a bit heavier distortion on the rhythm, really like the sound of the lead though. Agree with what was said about the snare. Vocals will sound good over it, agree that clean singing is the way to go over it. I also think that keyboards usually fit well with progressive metal, so you could consider that, even though it's pretty heavy. Overall though, I thinks it's excellent; nice riffs and top notch playing skills.

I would work on the overall guitar tone to clear it up. That snare is solid cuts right thru the mix. Kick is a little muffled. I would take and EQ to the drums and the guitar to make them clearer. Overall the only thing I would work on is the production value of the song. Other then that I enjoyed it.

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