im going to change the gauge of my strings from hybrids to gauge 11, is there anything else that will need looking at or adjusting when i do this like the truss rod for example?? and how do i do it?
when i moved from 10s to 11s all i had to do was the intonation, and a quick youtube search is great for doing intonation.... and a screwdriver
Do you have a trem or a Stoptail?
If you have a trem trem you'll have to tighten the springs on your guitar and you may have to adjust the truss rod.
Adjusting the truss-rod changes how bent the neck is. So if you have buzz when you hit an open string, the string is probably vibrating against one of the frets and therefore, you have to loosen the truss-rod, causing the neck to bend a bit more.
Usually, this is done by turning counter-clockwise, facing the headstock (the tuners towards you). If the neck is too bent (the action is probably very high), tighten the truss-rod by going clockwise.

If the 12th fret doesn't sound the same as the harmonic on the 12th fret, adjust intonation. You can find guides that'll help on Youtube.
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In theory the only thing that you should have to change is the intonation, then.