I have started going through strings pretty quickly, especially acoustic guitar strings. I'm playing a good few hours a day and was wondering if there was anything I could apply/do to the strings to make them last that little bit longer?
Wash your hands before playing and wipe down the strings after.
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I've never tried it, but I used to know some people who believed soaking them in boiling water for a minute or two then pouring cold water on them freshened them up and made them last longer.

Could be worth a try?
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hand washing, wiping after playing, using something like fast fret, or coated strings. I used elixir nanowebs, and they last me a good bit longer... like easily 5-6 times as long as the uncoated.
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And so it goes
1- Wash hands before playing
2- Fast fret after playing (and wipe down)
3- Realize you'll need to change strings fairly frequently, especially if you're playing for a few hours every day. So my advice is don't waste money on coated/treated/unnecessarily expensive sets. Coated sets sound dull to me anyway.

Same ideas would apply to electrics.

This is just my routine, & it has worked wonders for me. The fast fret reduced string talk quite a bit too, which is an added bonus
I have tried a lot of fast fret in the past. Its alright, but it makes a mess on your guitar and the effects are very temporary. The best way to clean them is by wiping each string down with a rag. But even then, it won't stop corrosion forming. This is why you have to replace stings pretty often.
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