Hey guys! I just finished a new album and I'm desperate for people to hear it finally haha

If you like what you hear you can pay whatever you want to download it! Any money you pay for it will be donated to The Ronald McDonald House Charity! Actually, double whatever you donate, I have a sponsorship for it that is going to match all the donations! So if you donate $5 that means the charity will be receiving $10!


There's the link to the band website. It contains a link to the download site and more info about the project if you're interested.


There is the direct link to listen to and download the album.

I hope you guys like it! And please, if you do, download it and help me spread the word about it! I just want as many people as possible to hear it and help out the cause!

P.S. Since this is a guitar website you might want to check out the songs "Come Home Again" and "Growing Up" as they both have guitar solos haha

P.P.S. The album is completely gapless, so it's kinda meant to be listened to in order but I guess you don't have to haha

Let me know whatcha think!

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