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What model fender amp or head would be best for the money to get a good mayer style clean tone? I own a 4x10 deville already but it doesnt get the clean tone. I am playing a 78 strat with texas specials and a custom shop strat with seymour duncan sh5 and sh2n jazz combo. The closest ive gotten was with the texas special neck into a twin reverb but it was still not there for me.I am saying fender because two rock is too expensive and I live in austin so used fender amps of all kinds are everywhere. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

Also: I heard that some silverface bassmans modded to a blackface circuit can get close or a bandmaster. Thanks again
Why are you trying to get a clean tone out of a set of Texas Specials? They aren't really meant for that. If you want really really clean strat tone you should be using a set of CS-54 pickups. There aren't many amps that will get you a better clean tone than a Fender Twin Reverb it's the gold standard of tube amps for cleans. So I don't know what your really expecting here aside from an amp that will put an ice pick in your ears.

Edit: there are only 2 other amps that might fit your bill for cleans. The Roland Jazz Chorus or the Mesa Lonestar 2x12. The Mesa is $2100 (new) and the Jazz chorus amps are running about 1100-1200 (new) right now.
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love me the twin reverb, but mayer used a band master before getting all cool with dumbles and custom shops.
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I would recommend the marshal MG100

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The texas special neck pickup with volume rolled down cleans up nice as does the jazz tapped. i saw him live and he had his clean tone playing a SRV signature strat which has texas specials. I know he has a rack of effects and all but I think the amp is the biggest part of the sound. I know mayer used a bandmaster, I saw it on you tube there are plenty of models and years here for sale for under 1000. As for the twin reverb there are no used combos around but there are plenty of different years of heads in the 500-800 range. I prefer a head but am open. As for the mesa lonestar thats an awesome amp but out of my price range especially considering I only need a single channel amp. Which years/ models of the fenders would be good? thanks for the responses.
Texas Specials won't hurt you too much. Remember, SRV was/is his guitar idol, and he's copied his rig a fair amount. SRV was himself heavily influenced by Hendrix, so that wouldn't be a bad place to look, either.

The Twin Reverb is what I'd recommend, but as sparkeyjames a Jazz Chorus isn't a bad option either.
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I think what ill do is go and play some Twin reverbs and bandmasters at the vintage guitar shop and go from there. Thanks for the help
Perhaps in the case of a Fender Twin, it's also a matter of speakers. Not what kind necessarily, but how many. My Twin sounds a lot fuller and, well, just different when I sit it on top of a 2x12 cab...

Just throwing out Ideas... If you got close to what you're looking for with the Twin..
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Ok thanks, I have a 4x12 and a 2x12 and a 1x12 all by fender. I will most likely use the 2x12 thanks.
a JC120 will met your face off.
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